IVI Valencia

IVI is one of the largest commercial provider of ART in the World. IVI Valencia has the latest technology in assisted reproduction. Laboratories are an essential part in the study and research of new developments in human reproduction therefore IVI Valencia stays current on new research techniques and apparatus. Its continued dedication to research has led IVI Valencia to position itself as one of the most prestigious in the world and as a benchmark in everything concerning Human Reproduction. To carry out research, development of new technologies and their validation in the clinic has the following departments to develop clinical services and research; Ambulatory Surgery Unit , Psychological Support Unit , Unit of Women’s Health , Unit of Endocrinology, Maternal-Fetal Medicine Unit , Pediatric Unit , Unit Men’s Health , Breast Cancer Unit and Day Surgery Unit .Moreover, the non-profit IVI Foundation for research in human reproduction works very closely with the clinic, providing advanced research laboratories and platforms for the development of projects.

Short biography principal investigator

Dr. Marcos Meseguer

Dr. Marcos Meseguer

Dr. Marcos Meseguer received his Biological Sciences Degree from the University of Valencia in Spain. He performed a pre-doctoral fellowship in St Mary´s Hospital, Manchester University, United Kingdom.  He received his Ph.D. Degree in Obstetrics and Gynecoloy and the European Doctor Degree in 2002 from the University of Valencia, Spain. He has also a master degree in Research Methods; Design and Statistics from Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, Spain.

Actually is Scientific Supervisor and Senior Embriologist in the IVF unit of IVIRMA Valencia.  He was Co-Director of the Andrology Laboratory at the Instituto Valenciano de Infertilidad (IVI).

Dr. Meseguer has received the prize paper of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine. Three times the Lalor Foundation International Award from the American Society of Andrology, three times the research award from the Spanish Society of Fertility and four times the research award from the Spanish Society of Embriology from which is honorific member since 2018.  He received the Robert Edwards prize paper award from RBM on line and was ASRM star award winner. The primary areas of his research are embryology and male infertility.

As Principal Investigator, his work has been funded through 25 projects sponsored by the Spanish Government, including five EUREKA projects (granted to high quality technological projects) supported by the European Community. He has one international patent.

He has published over 155 scientific articles, with 6157 citations and h-index of 45, including the most cited paper in Human Reproduction during 2013. Additionally published 55 reviews or book chapters, edited the first time-lapse book and made more than 600 presentations at national and international congresses. He has been the Director of 15 Doctoral Thesis all qualified with “Cum Laude”, and actually is directing 6 PhD candidates.

He is also Statistics Advisor of Equipo IVI and Associate Professor of the Master in Biotechnology from Valencia University.

Key persons involved

Dr.Fernanda Insua, Senior embryologist, training and supervision (FTE 50%) She received her Biological Sciences Degree in 2000 from the Universidad Nacional del Sur, Argentina. She received her Ph.D. Degree in Biology in 2006 from the Universidad Nacional del Sur with a scholarship of the Argentinian National Council of Research and Technology (2002-2006) and also received her Master degree from the University of Valencia (2008). She is certified as an Advanced Specialist in Clinical Embryology by the Argentinian Society of Reproductive Medicine (2012). She taught Cellular Biology and Neurobiology at Universidad Nacional del Sur (2000-2006). She is currently a Senior Embryologist in IVI Valencia.

Key Research Facility and Equipment

Full IVF laboratory facilities, which include the last technology in embryo incubation and selection, including sophisticated time-lapse video embryo imaging technology of five Embryoscope TL incubators, one Embryoscope Plus, one Geri Plus Time-lapse incubator and four Eeva Scopes.

Current involvement in Research and Training Programmes

We are one of the largest IVF clinics in Europe, we have a Master Degree in Assisted Reproduction officially recognized providing credits for PhD. In the last years more than 20 PhD degrees have been achieved. More than 40 scientific publications in the last 2 years. We have currently 7 PhD students in our PhD programme.