DohART-NET coordinator: Prof. András Dinnyés (BioTalentum Ltd.)

8th April 2022 – Livestream – CET

Free of charge

About DohART-NET project:

Altered conditions during the periconceptional (PC) period of gamete maturation and early embryonic development have long lasting effects on the health of the progeny, including the childhood, adolescent and adult-life onset of cardiovascular, metabolic and neurological diseases (‘Developmental Origins of Health and Disease (DOHaD) concept). Increasing evidence from epidemiological and animal model studies shows that children worldwide exhibit conditions and disease risks associated with the exposures of their parents, including chemical stressors before and during pregnancy, reproductive failure, adverse pregnancy outcome, diabetes, obesity and nutritional compromise. Babies born following human Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART, “test-tube”) interventions render this population (over 8 million world-wide) one of the largest well-defined clinical cohorts to be studied for a better understanding of the future risk of disease for current and succeeding generations in Europe. The DohART-NET project focuses on the integration of pre-clinical (animal and stem cell-models) and clinical studies and applies data linkage, bioinformatics and network science for the identification and validation of mechanisms of diseases common in early development. We will exploit our new understanding to promote efficient disease prevention and potential personalised therapeutic interventions in both the general and ART populations to overcome adverse disease pathways.

Symposium highlights:

  • Review recent clinical ART data and gene network approaches to understand early embryo development
  • Refresh your knowledge of mouse nutrition model
  • Epigenetics in early development
  • Importance of gender equality in research

Target audience

This symposium is designed for scientific community interested in embryology, epidemiology and latest animal model results.

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