Medical University of Vienna

The Medical University of Vienna (briefly: MedUni Vienna) is one of the most traditional medical training and research facilities in Europe. It is today the largest medical training institute in the German-speaking area with about 8,000 students. With its 26 university hospitals, three clinical institutes, 12 theoretical medicine centres and numerous highly specialised laboratories, it is included among the most important cutting-edge research institutes of Europe in the area of biomedicine. Its own laboratory building with highly specialised “Core Facilities” was inaugurated in June 2010 with the “Anna Spiegel Research Building”. The forward-looking research focuses of MedUni Vienna are cancer research/oncology,medical imaging, cardiovascular medicine, medical neuroscience and immunology. Some of the researchers at MedUni Vienna are among the most cited researchers in their field in the world.

Short biography principal investigator

Dr. Jörg Menche

Dr. Jörg Menche

Dr. Jörg Menche  is a registered member of the doctoral school supervisors of Medical University of Vienna. For a detailed description please see description  of CeMM at Network/Beneficiaries.

MUW will act as the PhD awarding Institution for ESR8 recruited by beneficiary CeMM.

Key Research Facility and Equipment

The infrastructure at the MedUni Vienna enables researchers from all areas to implement their research ideas and projects with the required tools and highly-specialised technologies. An extensive research infrastructure is available to the researchers. Cost-intensive and highly-specialised technologies are accessible to all researchers of the MedUni Vienna with the set-up of four “Core Facilities”. The Core Facilities for Genomics, Proteomics, Flow Cytometry and Imaging at the Medical University of Vienna provide scientists with easy access to state-of-the-art high-end equipment and cutting edge technology to address highly sophisticated research questions.

Current involvement in Research and Training Programmes

The high research activity is also reflected by the large amount of projects using third-party funds, to list but a few:

FP7 – Project id: 223355 (ENCE-CF-LAM-LTX),
FP7 – Project Id: 287813 (EuTRiPD)
H2020 MSCA ITN Project Id: 721358 (EN-ACTI2NG), H2020 MSCA ITN (ENLIGHT-TEN)