Medical Women’s International Association

The Medical  Women’s International Association (MWIA)  is an international non-governmental organization (NGO). Women physicians in more than seventy countries make up the membership. The association was founded in 1919. Embodied in its mission is the objective to raise the health status of the communities in which the members work, especially the health of women and children in those communities.

Short biography principal investigator

Dr.Shelley Ross

Dr.Shelley Ross

Secretary General, MWIA

Key persons involved

Professor Dr. Bettina Pfleiderer

President MWIA

Professor Khatuna Kaladze

Vice President for Central Europe

Key Research Facility and Equipment

MWIA is an organization, not a research facility. MWIA will participate in the project as external trainers during the training sessions for ESRs.

Current involvement in Research and Training Programmes

Development of a Training Manual for Gender Mainstreaming in Health, in response to the need of physicians to understand how adding a gender perspective to health and health care could favorably influence the health of women and men.Development of a Training Manual for Adolescent Sexuality to help physicians address the concerns, questions and problems that adolescents experience in dealing with their sexuality. Above all, its intent is to help physicians play an important role in teaching adolescents about ‘healthy sexuality’.