Training and Events

Our project focused on implementing a multidisciplinary, intersectoral and transdisciplinary training programme in order to grow up a well-trained group of young scientists with Europe-wide connectivity.

A major aim of the Network is to train and promote qualified researchers with embryology, cell biology, developmental biology, animal models, bioimaging, molecular biology, genomics, epigenomics, proteomics, metabolomics, high-throughput bioinformatics, mathematical modelling and managerial skills, capable of working in academic research or in industry, and with experts in different disciplines operating in different countries.

This highly multidisciplinary training program is based on the technological excellence, expertise and joint research activities of network members in the above fields.

Our training objectives will be achieved through 1) individual training programmes, 2) network-wide trainings, i.e. secondments, scientific- and complementary training, e-learning, and 3) local courses provided by the universities.

At each institution the ESR will be able to attend available lectures on a wide range of subjects, including those delivered by visiting international renowned speakers. In most institutions/universities the doctoral studies typically take four years.

The project aimed to deliver 13 top-quality ESRs adapted to the modern demands of biomedical research. The requested 468 months training would provide 36 months training for all ESRs in PhD programs. The ESR person months are distributed among the partners according to the scientific tasks and the maximum length 36-months ESR positions are needed as the topics require a long preparatory and technical learning curve before starting the actual data collection and analyses. All these students are projected to work on challenging topics, but with a high likelihood of success.

We are grateful for another succesful training and would like to thank you for your participation. The 2nd DohART-NET Training School took place as an online training event on 4-5th May, 1st-2nd, 28-29th June and 5th July with the participation of excellent trainers and our talented Early Stage Researchers.

2nd DohART-NET Training School (Scientific Trainings) – Training Agendas